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Vortrag auf Englisch

Bild © by Pia Berger
  • Referentin:

    Dr. Pia Berger

  • Beginn:

    Mittwoch, 18:00 Uhr

  • Dauer:

    120 Minuten

  • Format:

    Vortrag (hybrid)

  • Ort:

    - Übertragung im KG, Umwelt-Campus
    - Online über Zoom (-> "Zur Veranstaltung")

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Biomaterials like bioplastics and other bio-based materials seem to be a perfect alternative to artificial industrial materials that have conquered our lives in the last 50 years. We urgently need alternatives to petroleum-based plastics, cement and fossil fuels, which are known for their negative impact on our daily lives and climate. Biomaterials could offer new opportunities in the construction sector, in the textile industry, in agriculture and even in the energy sector. Healthier, safer and more sustainable! – True or false promise?

Dr. Pia Berger:                        

She is a Doctor of Science graduated from the Institute of Geophysics of the UNAM and a Master in Geology and Geophysics graduated from Julius Max. University of Würzburg, Germany. She has conducted research at institutions in France, Italy, Germany, Australia, the United States, and Mexico.

Experience in the professional environment: Consultant in the fields of environmental remediation and energy technology in Munich, Cologne and Hanover, Germany.

She has published several articles in national and international Conferences and Journals in the area of Geophysics, Biomaterials and Circular Economy.

She is currently a Research Professor at the Faculty of Engineering of the Universidad Panamericana, Campus Aguascalientes. She is the coordinator of the International Master’s Degree and the Dual Program: Master’s Degree in Engineering in Circular Economy (IMAT).

Research in Circular Economy including the study of Renewable Energies, carbon capture and the Development of new biomaterials such as biochar and biopolymers.