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Sustainability, SDG's and circular economy in the coffee sector

Bild © by Paola Alejandra Hernandez Suárez
  • Speaker:

    Alejandra Hernandez

  • Start:

    Thursday, 01.12., 14:00

  • Duration:

    2 hours

  • Type of event:

    Workshop, presentation

  • Place:

    Birkenfeld: KG
    Zoom (Online)

  • Attendance figure:

    max. 40

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    A registration is necessary!

Short description:


1. SDG’s from the production in the source to the upcycling process.
2. Coffee grounds recovery-waste management on campus.
3. circular economy, added value giving a second use to the coffee grounds. (alternative material).
4. Added value to farmers through responsible consumption. Specialty coffee.
(coffee tasting and muffins with coffee fiber).
5. Traceability technologies in the source.

Information about the presentator:
Presenter: Alejandra Hernandez
Sustainable business and technology
Coffee consultant and trader

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